MIL-DTL-38999 Series II


The MIL-DTL-38999 Series II connectors are bayonet coupling subminiature configuration with a low profile design using a shorter socket contact than used by Series I and III. This series is used for instrumentation applications where space is at a premium. Series II is not scoop proof. Series II is available in nine shell sizes with five receptacle configurations and standard or RFI plugs. 54 insert arrangements using 3 to 128 contacts terminating wire gauge sizes 28 through 12. The hard plastic socket interface features the chamfered conical entry that aids in proper contact mating. The fluorosilicone interfacial seal has conical risers around each pin contact that compress into the socket interface, assuring the seal of the mating surface. Cadmium over Nickel, Anodic and electroless nickel finishes are available for aluminium shells.

Contacts: Sizes 22D, 20, 16, and 12 gauge per MIL-C-39029Operating Temperature Range: Listed under Part Numbering System Below
Environmental Fluorosilicone ElastomersVoltage Service Rating: M = 400 v, I = 600 v, II = 900 v
Polarization: Locksmith Keying Contact Current Rating: Size 22D: 5 amps, Size 20: 7.5 amps, Size 16: 13 amps, Size 12: 23 amps

Series II Polarization & Shell Keying
Series II Panel Cut-Out Dimensions
Series I & II Strain Reliefs
MS27473 Series II Standard Plug
MS27484 Series II Plug with RFI Grounding
MS27472 Series II Wall Mounting Flange Receptacle
MS27497 Series II Back Panel Wall Mounting Flange Receptacle
MS27474 Series II Jam Nut Receptacle
MS27499 Series II Back Box Mount Flange Receptacle
MS27508 Series II Back Panel Box Mount Flange Receptacle
MS27513 Series II Long Grommet Box Mount Flange Receptacle

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