The MIL-DTL-26500 connectors are available in bayonet and threaded coupling configurations for both general purpose and swamp applications where the excessive moisture, shock, fluids, and vibration exposure require a threaded connector. The bayonet coupling version employs three ramps at a 120 degree angle, equally spaced to make the connector quicker to mate than other connectors. 20,16, and 12 gauge contact sizes terminate wire 24 through 12 gauge. Environmental sealing is provide by an O-ring seal and displacement of the resilient interfaces when the connectors are mated, as well as redundant rear wiper seals around each wire. The fluorosilicone resilient materials provide superior protection when exposed to a wide variety of fluids. The non-conductive black anodize surface treatment on the aluminum shells creates an exceptionally hard finish that prolongs connector life and exceeds salt spray test requirements.


Shell Sizes: Nine, 28 insert arrangements with 2 to 61 contactsOperating Temperature Range: -55 degrees C (-67 degrees F) to 200 degrees C (392 degrees F)
Contacts: Crimp type, Sizes 20, 16, and 12 gauge per MIL-C-39029Voltage Service Rating: Sea Level 500 VAC, 450 VAC at 50,000 ft, 200 VAC at 110,000 ft.
Polarization: Locksmith Keying (MIL-STD-1554)Test Voltage: 1500 v. RMS, 60 CPS mated or unmated, 1000 v. (altitudes up to 110,000 feet) mated, 250 v. (altitudes up to 110,000 feet) unmated
Environmental Fluorosilicone ElastomersContact Current Rating: Size 20: 7.5 amps, Size 16: 13 amps, Size 12: 23 amps

or Turret
12 M39029/32-254 M39029/31-235 M22520/1-01 M22520/1-02 MS27488-12
16 M39029/32-248 M39029/31-229 M22520/1-01 M22520/1-02 MS27488-16
20 M39029/32-260 M39029/31-241 M22520/1-01 M22520/1-02 MS27488-20

MIL-DTL-26500 Polarizing Locksmith Keyed Positions
MIL-DTL-26500 Insert Arrangements
MIL-DTL-26500 Panel Cut-Out Dimensions
MS24264 Square Flange Threaded Receptacle
MS24264 Square Flange Bayonet Receptacle
MS24265 Jam Nut Threaded Receptacle
MS24265 Jam Nut  Bayonet Receptacle
MS24266 Threaded Plug
MS24266 Bayonet Plug

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